Let your data work its magic

Insight for your adaptive teaching

Data Architect

Uncover insights from the data to provide support for your next great idea

Discover Learning Patterns

There are always these 2-3 kids in the room that works very hard, but might not do as well as you would have hoped. I have always wanted a solution to see which area do they need improvement, so I can make use of after-class time to help them proactively.

Mr. Chow, Primary Math

Compile Learning Data

Import test results, and let Wizmo do the rest. By standardising data, you can trace students' learning progress on individual concepts with ease.

Draw Insights from Test Records

Our proprietary model will synthesise insights on students' performance, such as lowest performing topic overall, to inform your actions.

Visualise Results and Findings

All findings are gathered on an easy-to-use dashboard. Watch your students grow and build your case with students' performance data.

Learning Optimizer

Curate your students’ learning path at home to make revision more efficient

Curate Personalised Learning Paths

Implementing personalised learning in classroom setting was rather impossible as it would create large amount of admin work. It’s great that The Pilot can now allocate content to students accordingly, allowing students to learn at their own pace at home.

Ms. Lim, Secondary Chemistry

Categorize Content

Contents are sorted by types, concepts and levels according to your local curriculum, ensuring its relevance to students.

Daily Learning Recommendation

Learning materials and practices are recommended based on each students’ profile to keep irrelevant content from derailing students’ revision.

Adapt Revision Path

By providing students with suitable content, revision time is reduced and learning experience improved. Revision becomes more relevant, efficient, and manageable.