Together we make the magic happen

Our Team

We are an innovative team of experienced educators, designers and engineers, who wish to change education by technology and to iterate the most personalised learning experience.

Our Product

We recreate a seamless learning journey of students by dissecting data from different channels, and allow you to optimise your personalised services.

Adapting to Your Needs

Just as every learner is different, every partner is; and we are always ready to adapt. Our flexible culture, iterative product development and multiple product line allow us great room in customising to your cause.

Bettering Your Experience

What works in theory might not translate well in real-life scenarios. Your experience is the core of our service and your comments are keys to our development. Whether you want a simpler dashboard or deeper insights; say the word, and we shall explore!

Cultivating a Symbiotic Environment

It takes a village to raise a child. Wizmo believes partnership is the key to advancing education. By connecting students, educators and dedicated stakeholders, we create a synergistic relationship between our partners to build a better future together.